Celebrating 60 Years in the Bay Area.

The League of Women Voters of the Bay Area is an Inter-League Organization established in 1959 to address Bay Area regional issues.

We connect 20-Local Leagues in 9 Bay Area counties.

The League of Women Voters of the Bay Area invites you to

“A Community Dialogue on Regional Decisions”

Saturday, November 21, from 10:00 am to 12 pm

The League of Women Voters of the Bay Area is the regional spokes-organization for the 20 Member Leagues of the Bay Area on issues of regional impact such as transportation, housing, sustainability, and climate. Learn More! Local, regional and state experts will join this “community conversation,” and contribute thoughts about Plan Bay Area 2050, the Regional Housing Needs Allocation.  Your questions, insights and participation are an important part of this event as we discuss how regional decisions affect local communities. Sign up and join the discussion here




LWVBA Supports Measure RR

The attached pdf is our official statement of recommendation regarding Measure RR, which will appear on the November 3 ballot in the Peninsula counties. The Bay Area League is coordinating with the campaign, and you will see that we are officially in support of the measure. The campaign will feature quotes from us (which we have approved) in their campaign materials.

MEASURE RR Support Statement




Meet the incoming & returning LWVBA Board Members


Sherry Smith


LWV Berkeley, Emeryville, Albany

Eric Arens

LWVBA Natural Resources/Climate Change Director

Local League: LWV Berkeley, Emeryville, Albany



Mary Ann Benson

LWVBA Secretary

Local League: LWV Piedmont




Margo McGlone

LWVBA Director at-large

Local League: LWV Solano County



JUNE 6TH, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

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Bay Area League Day 2020 | “Looking Back, Moving Forward”

Take the Attendee Survey | League Day 2020

League Day History


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Bay Area


Bay Area Regional Government & the Winds of Change



Addressing the Bay Area Housing Crisis


Mini League Day: Hwy 37, Planning for the Future


Transportation in the Bay Area



 The Climate Change Initiative in the Bay Area



LWV Bay Area

PO Box 22516

Oakland, CA 94609

Planning to visit? First, call our office.


Positions and Letters


After careful study, the League does take positions on some critical issues (but never candidates.) We advocate for measures that help our communities and protect our democracy. Use the link below to read regional, state, & national positions. In one location you will also find links to our 20 Local League positions. 

The League of Women Voters takes a stand on issues and voices the opinion of thousands of its Bay Area members. Over the years we have addressed, plan bay area, transportation issues, health and welfare concerns, climate change as well as other socio-economic topics. Click the link to the right to read our library of letters.

LWVBA Admin. VP  Madeline Kronenberg

Six times a year, the Bay Area League produces a professional publication called the Bay Area Monitor.

Inside you will read professionally written articles on topics that affect the Bay Area such as transportation, air quality, water, open space, and land use issues. Click the link to find opportunities to showcase your nonpartisan information in the Monitor.



2019 Bay Area Council – April 2019