2019 Biennial Council

The Bellevue Club, Oakland | Saturday, April 27, 2019

After the regular business meeting, a special Voter Services informational training was given in conjunction with LWVCA. Soon to be League President Carol Moon-Goldberg lead conveyed high point on voter registration, new CA legislation and helped plan for the March 2020 primary.

The team of presenter gave real-world examples of how to avoid the pitfall in the event of a bad candidate forum. Attendee left with 35-pages of training materials. These same materials are provided below for you to download and share with your local League. Just click on the gray title and to download each pdf.

Voter Service Event Handouts


Download Instructions
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“Impact on Voter Service of Uncivil Discourse”


Forum Civility handout

Presenter: LWVBA President, Madeline Kronenberg

“Voter Registration and Education Best Practices/Resources”

Suggestions for High School Voter Registration Drives

Nat’l Disability Voter Registration Week

National Voter Registration Day – Sept. 2019

Presenters: LWVC Voter Services Director, Carol Moon-Goldberg |
LWVBA Communications Director, Veda Florez

Collaboration with Co-Sponsors and/or other Leagues & Developing a pool of strong Moderators/Interviewers

Forum Moderator Training

Forum Check List

Moderator Training – Agenda

Question Sorter Instructions

Presenters: LWVBA Vice President, Kathleen Cha | LWVO Director, Mony Flores-Bauer

Handling “Empty Chair” Situations

Guidelines for State and Local League Debates including “Empty Chair”

LWVUS – Face to Face – Guide to Candidates Debates

Presenter: LWVBA President, Madeline Kronenberg

Coming Up With Appropriately Worded Questions

Guide to Writing Unbiased Questions

Presenter: LWVC Voter Service Chair, Carol Moon-Goldberg


Independent Videotaping Conflicts

Audience Release Notice

Talent Release Form

The Proactive approach to Retain your Copyright

Copyright Infringement Letter

Presenter: LWVBA Communications Director, Veda Florez