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Roberta Holliman, (L) Kate Quick, LWV Alameda (C) and Muriel Collier LWV WCC (R)


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LWVBA President, Madeline Kronenberg

LWVBA Board members Leslie Stewart and Alex Starr


As at the League of Women Voters California and LWVUS conventions, delegates should be informed about what their local League thinks about the proposed items but are not instructed as to how to vote on any of them.


The number of voting delegates is determined by local league membership count as of January 31, 2018 (according to LWVBA ByLaws)

In addition to the local League President 1 delegate for every 75 members


75 or fewer members – President & 1 delegates

76 – 150 members – President & 2 delegates

151 – 225 members – President & 3 delegates

226 – 300 members – President & 4 delegates

301 – 375 members – President & 5 delegates


Please note for the purpose of the delegate count, local, honorary and nationally recruited are included.


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